I define innovative thinking as:

“looking at a problem or a situation in a unique way, resulting in insights that drive new solutions.”   

In this blog, I will describe:
  • INGREDIENTS: key aspects of innovative thinking
  • KNIFE SKILLS: fun exercises and games to hone your ability think different
  • RECIPES: methods to try when looking for innovative solutions
  • TOOLS: resources that aid innovation

    ERIC HC LIU     (Linked In Profile,  Resume)


    - technology can change the world
    - in working smarter, not harder
    - in believing in people
    - in change as a constant
    - that optimism is the realistic best choice
    - in learning, creating, and aiding

    I HAVE
    - written 2 books, a well reviewed science fiction novel about Climate Change and a political kids picture book
    - engineering degrees from 2 non-Ivy League schools (MIT/Stanford)
    - written 6 songs including my wedding vows
    - choreographed 7 dances for the fusion dance troupe decadance
    11 years experience in R&D and Product Management
    - filed 90 patents (34 of which have been granted)


    Learning new things keeps my brain active, gives me a larger perspective on the world in which to draw inspiration from, and just plain makes me happy.  In my career and in my life, I have had the opportunity to learn a tremendous amount and will always seek that.  But creating and helping others through those creations is really what gives my life meaning.  I am constantly on a path to learn, aid, and create.  Here are some of my recent passions (these may change frequently):
    • Ukulele:  It's like a guitar but fewer strings.  It's the 80/20 of musical instruments.  Perfect for me.
    • Muay Thai:  Thai kickboxing is really interesting from a mechanics perspective and very motivational (do it right or get punched in the face)
    • Aquaponics:  I set up a mini ecosystem in my front yard where cycling water takes fish poop and feeds your plants with it.  Eventually I get to eat the fish too!
    • Bunny Cafe:  I have two bunnies that I've trained.  Now I'm helping my wife set up an experimental cafe where you can enjoy cakes while petting bunnies.


      Whatever you want it to.  I like:
      - High-Capacity
      - Hard Core
      - Holy Crap
      - Holy Cow
      - Hot Coffee
      - Healthy Cooking
      - HospitalityClub
      - Human-Centered
      - Honor Code
      - Hope Centered
      - High Concentrate
      - Horizontally Challenged (yes, I'm skinny)
      - High Charity
      - Heart Chakra
      Please not:
      - Hanging Chad
      - Hepatitis C